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M obile Spray Tan St Kilda!
Look superb when it counts the most! Mobile Spray Tanners provide complete spray tanning solutions to clients in the luxury of their homes. Ideal for brides and special events also, we offer an organic based product for natural and healthy spray tanning services in Melbourne. We offer packages for regular tanners and once of prices to people who are one time clients or travelling from interstate or international.

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St Kilda Organic Spray Tan Products


We offer a perfect, streak-free sunless tan while in the privacy and convenience of your own home. We only use premium organic spray tans which to match your skin type and skin tone perfectly. We only use express which only needs to be left on for 2 -4 hours before washing off. This is for better and faster results with more active ingredients to give you a better colour. For those who like it darker, let it stay on longer to develop that dark deep brown colour.

Our Spray Tan Before and After Care


Before Your Tan

● Make sure you exfoliate and remove hair before spray tanning. Shaving or waxing after your spray tan will remove the colour, and it won’t develop properly. 24 hours prior to your tan

● Do not moisturise before your spray tan. Otherwise, you’ll  block the solution from developing and may result in white patches. Only a slight amount of moisturiser should be added to areas such as ankles, toes, knees and elbow.


After Your Tan

● Moisturise as much as possible after tanning, and this will help prolong your tan and to keep the colour for longer. Moisturising twice a day after a spray tan, is highly recommended.


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