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Spray Tan Melbourne are a team of Spray Tanning Professionals, providing an experienced an luxury Spray Tanning Service in the comfort of your own home.

If you looking for a spray tan in Melbourne?  Then look no further!  Our mobile tan salon can offer you a full body, streak free organic tan in the comfort of your own home without paying extra for travel to you. Which also means you can say goodbye to all those awkward walks back to your car and sticky drives home after a spray tan in Melbourne.

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For the Best Spray Tan Melbourne we Use Australian Tanning Products

Our mobile spray tanning professionals use the product ‘Fabu Body’ which is an Australian product, organic based spray tan, designed to help raise awareness for the dangers of skin cancer. The solution gives a natural brown glow to your skin which lasts between 7 – 10 days when cared for as instructed. Fabu Body fades off the skin evenly and doesn’t leave your skin blotchy or with awful lines, patches or streaks.

All our solutions are express application which means you only need to leave your product on for between 2 – 4 hours depending how dark you like your results. For the deepest tan we would recommend up to 8 hours left on before showering and rinsing off your skin.

We also stock self application products and sports range for those who like to keep looking fresh in between visits or prefer to apply the tan themselves. Whether you are purchasing from the self application range or looking for a Mobile Tanning service in Melbourne. You can contact our friendly team today for a free quote or visit our shop here

Spray Tan Before & After Care

Best practice before a spray tan to prolong your Spray Tan Melbourne results 

  • make sure you exfoliate and remove any dead skin and unwanted hair before your tan, shaving or waxing after your spray tan will remove the colour and it won’t develop properly. It also creates a soft and smooth surface for the tan to take to your skin for a longer lasting and even tan.
  • Leave the skin clean and fresh and free of any lotions, moisturizers or any other product. If you use moisturizer before your tan you are preventing the solution from talking to your skin and developing properly and may even result in white patches, only a very small amount of moisturizer should be added to areas such as ankles, toes, knees and elbows if you are concerned about the tan giving you dark patches in areas where the skin is creased or excessively dry.

Our tanning products and sprays are express which means you only need to have the solution kept on your skin for 2 hours before showering and can be kept on longer for a darker result of up to 8 hours. Please make sure you do not get any part of your body wet prior to rinsing off, this will leave droplets or runs in your tan.

After Tan Care Instructions:

Once you have let your tan develop and you have rinsed it off after the recommended time period from your tanner you should moisturise immediately after and 2 times a day as this will help to lengthen the time your tan stays fresh and free from patchiness.  We service most areas of Melbourne and we offer mobile spray tans in Williamstown, Yarraville, Footscray,  Seddon, Brighton. Contact us today for a free quote.

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