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M obile Spray Tan Brighton!
Look superb when it counts the most! Mobile Spray Tanners provide complete spray tanning solutions to clients in the luxury of their homes. Ideal for brides and special events also, we offer an organic based product for natural and healthy spray tanning services in Brighton, Melbourne. Our team of mobile spray tanning experts know how to give you a gorgeous sun-kissed appearance in no time.

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Spray Tan Brighton, Melbourne

We are fully a mobile Spray Tan Brighton service which means we come to you at your location catering to your busy schedules and refuse to charge extra for travel! However, our availability does fill up fast so appointments are necessary. So please fill out the contact form to get a quote or book straight in!

Brighton Organic Spray Tan Products


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Our Spray Tan Before and After Care


Melbourne’s Best Organic Spray Tanning We use ‘Fabu Body’ which is the leading Australian made product for organic spray tanning. We offer the comprehensive range of Fabu Body tanning solutions to suit every skin type and tone. We help you select tone and application volume that suits your skin tone and generates a natural look.  Fabu Body products are safe for the skin and will get you the most amazing, long lasting results. Our spray tans are the natural and more secure alternative to real Tan. All skin colours are suited with Fabu body tanning shades as they adjust beautifully and naturally on the skin. Fabu Body spray tanning lasts up to ten days and fades naturally.  It doesn’t leave your skin with awful lines, patches or streaks.  We also stock some DIY products for those who like to keep looking fresh in between visits or prefer to apply the tan themselves that you can purchase online here 


Before Your Tan

● Make sure you exfoliate and remove hair before spray tanning. Shaving or waxing after your spray tan will remove the colour, and it won’t develop properly.

● Do not moisturise before your spray tan. Otherwise, you’ll  block the solution from developing and may result in white patches. Only a slight amount of moisturiser should be added to areas such as ankles, toes, knees and elbow.


After Your Tan

● Moisturise as much as possible after tanning, and this will help prolong your tan and to keep the colour for longer. Moisturising twice a day after a spray tan, is highly recommended.


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