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How To Match Your Makeup To Your Spray Tan

By August 21, 2017Uncategorized


Ever wondered how the heck you’re supposed to match your foundation and makeup to your spray tan and acheive a flawless result? Here to answer your question are Melbourne based Makeup Artists Julie from BBJ, Jess from JH Makeup Artist, Kerry Tseros & Tanya from Tanya Artistry.

We have lined up the BEST Tips & Tricks from our favourite Melbourne Makeup Artists in Melbourne to answer these top questions.

1. How do I match my foundation to my spray tan?
2. What foundation should i buy to match my tan?
3. What foundations should i avoid?

Here we go…

Beauty By Julie @beauty_byjulie

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1. Firstly if you are going to be getting your makeup done the top tip would be to leave your face un-spray tanned or just 1/2 a shade of tan for the best results when applying a full face of foundation, the reason is that when the face is a presented as a fresh canvas that the foundation will look a lot more even and longer lasting throughout the day, However If you are looking to go makeup free for about a week e.g going away on holidays or prefer the no foundation look then I would recommend getting your face spray tanned

2. Foundations to buy, always buy a yellow or olive based foundation. My recommended brands are Kroylan which has the largest range of colours or Ex1 which is just focussed on yellow based foundations which can be purchased online

3. Foundations to avoid when you have a spray tan are anything pink or beige based

Jess H Make Up Artist @jh_makeupartist

[Jessica from Jh Makeup Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist 2017]

1. My advice is to match the foundation with the shoulder of the spray tan, I find this works best for me because otherwise you can end up mismatching the foundation as the neck and chest can be a different shade to the arms and shoulders.

2. I like to work with MAC foundation and use a yellow based foundation because this works well with all skin types whether you are very pale or have a natural tan, this foundation can be used to mix with darker foundations and don’t leave the skin with pink undertones which is not desired. In the instance the client prefers or already uses a foundation with a pink undertone we will match to suit this colour as well. I also specialise in contouring which works well with the yellow based MAC foundation, contouring is great for blending and really evening out the colour to get the best match possible to suit your spray tan colour.

3. Avoid pink based foundations

Kerry Seros @kerrytserosmua


1. The trick here is to purchase your foundation AFTER you have your spray tan as not to guess what colour you will need and most times you will be able to find just 1 foundation to match but you can always select 2 colours and blend them together. Using MAC darkest colour and MAC lightest colour and blend these 2 together until the desired result.

2. I recommend to brands such as MAC or Kroylan with a yellow or golden tones for matching foundation to spray tans as this has never failed her and these brands will be able to match a spray tan 99% of the time.
Another top recommendation is the TV paint stick it comes in Golden Olive 1,2 and 3 depending on the colour of your tan.

3. Stay away from pink tones

Tanya Artistry @tanyaartistry


1. If my client is coming in to get their makeup done for a wedding or event I like to apply the makeup to a tan free face, I work best when the face is bare, that way I can adjust the foundation to match the neck and arms more easily.

I select a darker foundation than their regular skin and match this to the colour of their spray tanned neck and arms. If my client has already had their face spray tanned, this is also fine because as a makeup artist we are well equipped and carry many different shades of foundation and again we can just match a few foundations together to get the perfect colour.

2. If you are looking to do your own makeup I recommend to get 2 colours of foundation 1 which is to suit the actual colour of your face, so a foundation that you would normally wear and then another foundation that is darker one to match with your base foundation when you do get a spray tan.

3. I wouldn’t recommend a pink based foundation


And there you have it, our Top Tips for matching your foundation to your spray tan, if you would like to subscribe to receive more information like this please make sure you sign up using your email

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