Fabu Sport Muscle Mate 175g – Minimises Lactic Acid Build Up Pre & Post Training Relief – Vitamin Rich. Non Greasy.

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Product Description

INTRODUCING our fantastic new, innovative MUSCLE MATE.

Introductory Price $40.00 (RRP $49.95)
General Points:

  • Fast acting spray lotion
  • Fast absorbing
  • Sprays micronised topical use vitamins to the localised area
  • Micronised formula is quickly absorbed by the skin, minimising surface residue

Ideal for:

  • Reducing muscle soreness and tightness
  • prevention of cramps and treatment of overworked muscle tissue
  • Especially beneficial before and after exercise
  • Prevention of stretch marks, which may occur when building muscle bulk
  • Relaxing the skin
  • Minimising ingrown hairs
  • Minimising excessive dryness

FABU Sport Muscle Mate has been developed by qualified Biomedical, Biochemist, Microbiologist, Organic Chemist and Skin Technologists.  For the last 35 years the team has been developing innovative products for topical use, primarily related to assist with and correct skin disorders and associated tissues (muscles and the like) as well as biomedical skin care products.

Over more recent years, they have developed a particular range of products specifically for athletes and people who participate in sports and exercise, to assist with some very common ailments. For example, Cramps, muscle discomfort, strains and decongestion (eg. for beginners, casual and seasonal exercisers etc.), as well as Muscle friction (for those with repetitive injury due to regular and intensive exercising etc. minimising their downtime) among many.

The products have been used successfully by Olympic (Yr 2000+) rowing athletes, cyclists, marathon runners and triathlon competitors as well as people who participate in gym classes, circuit training and for weekend sporting enthusiasts. It has been affectionately suggested by regular users that “these products should be a standard issue in every sports bag”.

Muscles operate more efficiently when, for example, there a 3 main functions in place:

  1. Correct temperature
  2. Correct salt balance
  3. Correct nutrients & co-factors (eg. vitamins etc.)

The skin plays a major part to maintain these three points, optimally and uniformly. Muscle Mate spray is in a form/forms that allow the skin to work with minimal effort to perform its function and help assist the muscle/s which are directly attached to it (via connective tissue) and to work without interference (either externally or internally) hence, freeing up the natural body processes to minimise downtime and to assist recovery, in the time proportional to the athletes own level of fitness and not by any way of enhancement. So that the body’s natural recovery process may work with minimal interference and decongestion (eg. often resulting in cramps and injuries alike) during the athletes downtime.


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